Avalanche / 12-24 Aug

Avalanche / 12-24 Aug

12/08/2019 12:00 am - 24/08/2019 Venue 36 - theSpace on North Bridge

No matter how long the winter – spring is sure to follow. A story about journeys, routine, missed moments, pain, irrational thoughts, assumptions, fear, surprising compassion, screens, memories, loneliness, coffee and unlikely friendships.

It’s about how we connect with those around us even on the smallest level and the impact we have on others without knowing it. It’s about seasons and change and how nothing ever stays the same. But mostly it’s about hope and how finding those moments of connection make the world a better place.


RCS BA Filmmaking student Fraser Scott will be performing in Avalanche.

Avalanche will be performed from Aug 12-17 and 19-24.

Suitable for ages 12+