Bottled Up

Bottled Up

03/08/2018 10:00 am - 18/08/2018 Venue 36 theSpace on North Bridge - Argyll Theatre

Meet Jeanie. She hoards plastic bottles.
No one’s perfect!
Excuse the mess.
She’s not got round to clearing up yet.
Her newborn baby, Sophie, is quiet for the first time since they got back from the maternity ward.
Peace at last!
Fancy a cuppa?
A captivating, funny and sobering solo-show that explores eco-anxiety, our dependency on plastics and considers the irony of living in a world of plenty.


Suitable for ages 12+

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Written and Performed by Colleen Cameron (BA Acting graduate)

Directed by Sarah Miele (BA Acting graduate)

Sound by Calum Paterson (BA Production Technology and Management graduate)

Lights by Kieran Kenning (BA Production Technology and Management graduate) 

Design by Jennifer Logan (BA Production Arts and Design graduate) 

Media content by Catherine Barr (BA Acting graduate)