Legacy: The Book of Names

Legacy: The Book of Names

They travelled from around the world. They came for a better life. They arrived at Ellis Island. This new musical takes you on a journey to the greatest immigration station in all of history and shows how one day can change a lifetime. Families are reunited, lovers are forever bound, and new destinies are discovered. And it all happens on a small island, in a bay, at the edge of a dream called America.


Legacy: The Book of Names will be showing at Assembly on even days from 4 – 26 August.



“Legacy: The Book Of Names has no weak elements. In a student production drawing together two universities across two continents… this is a phenomenal outcome. A simple but staggering surprise of considerable beauty and talent, the only fault of this production is that it is not two-hours longer and in a room three times the size.” – Broadway Baby ★★★★★

 “an impressive score and attention to detail to boot… The music is fantastic, with Jonathan Bauerfeld’s score hitting the right note at every turn with lyrics that are both sensitive and witty in perfect doses. What the play does so well, is examine relationships that are unconventional.” – The Mumble ★★★★

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