The Edge of You

The Edge of You

03/08/2018 12:05 pm - 25/08/2018 Venue 260 theSpace at Jurys Inn - Main Theatre

‘I used to think love was about not knowing where I end and you begin…but now I think it’s about waiting at the edge of you when I can’t get any closer’.

From the outside, James and Grace are perfect for each other. But what about from the inside? The Edge of You lets you eavesdrop on their innermost thoughts, from moving in together to moving on. As they tread towards the inevitable end of their relationship, we discover the vulnerability of letting other people in. Both a celebration and a mourning, this is an intimate story about the gaps between what we think and what we say.

This new play, written and directed by Rebecca Robin, involves four performers, two women and two men, playing the respective internal and external parts of James and Grace throughout their journey of falling in and out of love. With a little bit of masking tape, the physical and emotional boundaries are literally drawn. We discover the elasticity of boundaries through the mapping of safe spaces, reinforced defences, shared ground, all of which can be ripped up, moved, or dismantled at any time. Movement pieces are used to discuss the physical communication; the language of touch, daily routine, and how our bodies can betray us by saying what we really mean.

The Edge of You was created as part of the On The Verge Festival and initially performed at the Citizens Theatre, Glasgow in June 2017. The piece has been developed and is being brought to the Fringe with support from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland through the Bruce Millar Award.


Suitable for ages 16+