9 to 5 9 to 5

9 to 5

The musical tells the film’s original story of three female office co-workers who take down their sexist and chauvinistic boss.  With original numbers from Dolly Parton’s Oscar, Tony® and Grammy Award-nominated score including Backwoods Barbie, Shine Like the Sun and the original hit song 9 TO 5.

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Naughty Cat and the Cheesy Moon Naughty Cat and the Cheesy Moon

Naughty Cat and the Cheesy Moon

Naughty Cat is bored. She’s bored of ruining the furniture, getting stuck up trees, doing the toilet in inappropriate places. She needs adventure. And chocolate. And cheese. There’s only one place where she can taste such delights – on the cheesy moon where the chocolate mice live.

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Confessions of a Justified Songwriter Confessions of a Justified Songwriter

Confessions of a Justified Songwriter

Writing Hit Songs is considered an art, but behind the scenes the creative process is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. A platinum album selling co-writer prepares to share some of his experiences with wannabe’s who are dreaming of success; the irresistible force of artistic spirit meets the unmovable object of industry deadlines.    


Urinetown Urinetown


Urinetown is a rampant riot of a show that tells the tale of a town fit to burst. Peeing is a privilege and no relief is rent free until hero, Bobby Strong arrives to start a revolution. A resonating tale perfectly packaged as a satirical musical send-up.

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Under the Ground Under the Ground

Under the Ground

A musical, following Tabitha’s journey on the Glasgow Subway as she is submerged back into normality following the unexpected death of her father. Surrounded by strangers with their own fears, and doubts, Tabitha is forced to face up to her demons and overcome them. Under the Ground explores love, loss, growth, and discovery.

Willy’s Bitches Willy’s Bitches

Willy’s Bitches

Why doesn’t Shakespeare just say what he means? With fresh, contemporary language, see some of the Bard’s most brilliant heroines reimagined in this new piece of theatre. Watch bitches getting shit done, plotting murder, yelling at one another, fighting over men and cutting off heads! Willies ?? 

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The Addams Family The Addams Family

The Addams Family

Something is wrong with Wednesday Addams. Gomez and Morticia are desperately worried about their daughter – the charming little bundle of malice has lost her taste for death, darkness and torture. She is behaving like a demented Disney princess. Where did they go wrong?    

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The Girl Who The Girl Who

The Girl Who

Anna is searching for her parents. It’s up to you how she finds them. Inspired by the classic Choose Your Own Adventure books, The Girl Who places the audience in complete control of the story. You will be in charge of the characters’ decisions, morals, successes and failures; allowing every show’s path to be unique.

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Avenue Q Avenue Q

Avenue Q

Making its Edinburgh debut, Avenue Q is a coming of age story like no other, with a cast of fluffy, filthy and unforgettable characters who find themselves living on the wrong side of Sesame Street, this production is a celebration of a decade of mischief, bad behaviour and political incorrectness.

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Freak Show Freak Show

Freak Show

Set in the macabre of a Victorian sideshow, Freak Show follows the stories and secrets of the most iconic freak performers. Explore the magic of the circus and the madness of the world behind it. You will not want to look away… award-winning company Noisemaker was founded by  Scott Gilmour and Claire McKenzie.

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Forest Boy Forest Boy

Forest Boy

“I’m all alone in the world. I don’t know who I am. Please, help me.” On 2 September 2011, a boy appeared in Berlin claiming to have lived in the forest for the past five years. Forest Boy is a tale of lies, growing up, and imagination.

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Company Company


Written and set in 1970s New York, Company is a look at the life of Robert a single 35 year old New Yorker and his relationships with his friends and lovers told through a series of unrelated vignettes.

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Towards the Moon Towards the Moon

Towards the Moon

Towards the Moon follows the story of Bobby, a 24-year-old dreamer, desperate to be a writer but fed up with his humdrum life. But his luck changes after a near-death experience when an angel appears offering him the chance to turn his life around and reach the moon – but at a price.

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Active Virgin Active Virgin

Active Virgin

The quest for the body beautiful has become a disease for the 247GYM members. Obsessed with flattening tums, plumping bums and getting the perfect pins, they are beginning to lose track of what’s really important, but will the madness stop before it’s too late?

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