2019 Reviews

Legally Blonde

“The set, costumes and staging are truly impressive and special mention to the unseen band who are excellent.” – British Theatre Guide ★★★★★

“It’s a great drama academy and conservatoire show because it gives so many strong cameo roles to journey with the title character, powerfully played by Vanessa Campbell in this production, and for an MA showcase it allows for older voices and stage presence to balance with younger players.” – Musical Theatre Review ★★★★



Limbo: City of Dreams

“Bursting with a fizzy energy, it’s scarcely fair to single out any individual actor but Katie Lynch as Imogen is instantly endearing. Inna Tähkänen as Chase is the sulkily suspicious then follow-you-to-the-ends-of-the-earth friend we all deserve. Rachel Hunt’s Dee is perfectly plausibly perfect. And Emmet Smith as Spark (and in-house beatboxer) is surely a star in the making.” – The Wee Review ★★★★

Limbo: The Twelve

“The cast is without a shadow of doubt excellent delivering the piece with raw emotion and truth that sweeps the audience along from the off.” – SG Fringe ★★★★★

2018 Reviews

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

“an ambitious undertaking with exceedingly high production standards… The excellent ensemble sing and dance with aplomb … This production, running at two and a half hours, is an absolute joy.” – British Theatre Guide ★★★★★


“Not only does RCS throw a lot of resources at its big musicals, in terms of staging and professional behind-the-scenes staff, but the on-stage action (and backstage musicianship) is all top-notch … it’s a blast … “ticket money well spent” – The List ★★★★


“Everything from the set decoration, to the music, to the quality of the acting is excellent – on a par with anything you would pay £50 to see on the London stage.” – The Wee Review ★★★★


Legacy: The Book of Names

“Legacy: The Book Of Names has no weak elements. In a student production drawing together two universities across two continents… this is a phenomenal outcome. A simple but staggering surprise of considerable beauty and talent, the only fault of this production is that it is not two-hours longer and in a room three times the size.” – Broadway Baby ★★★★★


“an impressive score and attention to detail to boot… The music is fantastic, with Jonathan Bauerfeld’s score hitting the right note at every turn with lyrics that are both sensitive and witty in perfect doses. What the play does so well, is examine relationships that are unconventional.” – The Mumble ★★★★


Legacy: A Mother’s Song

“an important show which deserves to be developed further” – Musical Theatre Review ★★★★


“a musical of considerable depth and power … a beautiful and deeply personal work of theatre that is thoroughly rewarding for those looking for that rarely successful thing: the purely dramatic musical.” – Broadway Baby ★★★★


2017 Reviews

Into The Woods

“Overall the production is outstanding, the acting and singing are of the standard you would expect and the small band does an excellent job of the complex score. Direction keeps everything moving at a pace and the choreography works well, never getting in the way or being excessive.”

★★★★★ – One 4 Review


“Live instrumentation under the musical direction of James Harrison and Robert Wilkinson was impressive while director Michael Howell’s casting of Cinderella and Rapunzel’s philandering princes was simply a match made in storybook heaven (Péter and András Horváth). It’ll be an unmissable ticket very soon.”

★★★★ – The Herald 


“As a vocal ensemble, their tightness is almost exhilarating, harmonies soaring and energy bouncing off the stage. Special praise goes to the hilarious Prince Charming double-act, played by identical twins Péter and András Horváth, Caroline Lyell (a young Bernadette Peters) whose Witch drips nastiness before belting out a powerhouse number, and the strength and tenderness of Philippa Cassar as a pure-voiced Cinderella.”

★★★★ – The Scotsman


“At the play’s heart are The Baker (played by Eu Jin Hwang, doubled with Andrew MacNaughton) and The Baker’s Wife (Lori Flannigan, doubled with Maxine Aquilina) who, to paraphrase Eric Morecombe, “play all the right notes inthe right order” and are solely responsible for breaching my floodgates with their moving duet It Takes Two and their respective solos No More and Moments In The Woods.”

★★★★ – Pete’s Perorations


“The singing is pitch perfect as you would expect from the RCS and the music under the direction of James Harrison and Robert Wilkinson is superb. The excellent multi-level set cleverly evokes the various settings from towers to the forest.”

★★★★ – British Theatre Guide



“The very large cast sound tremendous under joint Musical Directors James Harrison and Robert Wilkinson, as do the impressive eleven-strong band who play Sondheim’s challenging score with style and flair. Very few musicals on the fringe sound this good!”

★★★ – Pocket Size Theatre


Atlantic: A Scottish Story

“McKenzie’s compositions blending traditional Scottish folk and a more contemporary choral sound pack quite an emotional punch.”

★★★★★ – The Herald 


“A superb cast bring to life this breath-taking piece of new writing. The cast is 16 strong and lead by the fearless Caroline Lyell as Evie.”

★★★★★ – Pocket Size Theatre


“The strong ensemble sings with power and total commitment traditional Scottish folk tunes together with haunting original songs. The joyous choreography explodes on the stage with vigour and excitement. Musical director Shonagh Murray and the band are a sheer delight with a captivating score.”

★★★★★ – British Theatre Guide


“The strong and talented ensemble do a wonderful job in carrying out the story and making the audience ‘fall in love with the adventure’. With great voices that fill the theatre space, and a gifted band that plays live alongside the cast, this new piece of writing urges us to follow our dreams.”

★★★★ – Ed Fest Mag


“The central character, Evie, is brilliantly delivered by Caroline Lyell – a flame-haired, beguiling bundle of talent who is a genuine triple threat.”

★★★★ – Musical Theatre Review


Atlantic: America & The Great War

“Composed by Christopher Anselmo, it tells the story of two sisters, Jane and Annabelle (Mariah Copeland and Abigail Stephenson, respectively) who find themselves on either side of the great ocean during the First World War. Family loyalties are tested as a sibling searches for truth in this insightful piece.”

★★★★★ – The Herald 


“I left the theatre feeling moved and wanting to be able to download the soundtrack. I’m also already looking into heading back to watch it again. If you are at Edinburgh Fringe this summer, this really is one not to be missed. Just Wonderful.”

★★★★★ – Pocket Size Theatre


“They all sing beautifully and with passion from individual ballads to powerful chorus numbers and the solo numbers are excellently performed. The small four-piece band provides a vibrant score and director David H Bell has created a stunning production. Don’t miss this!”

★★★★★ – British Theatre Guide


“The promising opening of the show, with the ensemble’s placement in the repeated ‘Oceannnnnn’ lyric, transports the scene to a ship crossing the Atlantic – the murmuration of sound captures the waves and the lighting evokes the scene beautifully.”

★★★ – Musical Theatre Review 



2016 Reviews

9 to 5

“This is a fabulous production – the quality is outstanding. The talent of the cast would rival anything you see in the West End. I dare anyone to leave 9 to 5 without a smile on their face.”
★★★★★ – Broadway World

“A fun and enjoyable experience. The acting was also exceptional – the accents were spot on, the choreography was as camp as it could be. The musical numbers boasted perfect harmonies and wonderful vocals, which was enough to get the audiences singing along at times. If you’re a Dolly Parton fanatic and have a love for musicals, then head on down!”
★★★★ – Arts Award Voice

Confessions of Justified Songwriter

“This eleven-strong cast from The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland belt out this new musical with gusto and flair and create a truly engaging piece of modern musical theatre.”
★★★★★ – Broadway Baby

Naughty Cat and the Cheesy Moon

“…a corking family show… With audience interaction, clever yet simple dramatic devices and high energy from the cast”
★★★★★ – The Herald


2015 Reviews


“…bursts with enthusiasm… Crisp direction, precise choreography and an ensemble of superb vocal quality keep the audience roaring with laughter from start to finish. …an absolute joy”
★★★★★ – Musical Theatre Review

“a treat… the perfect start to any day at the Fringe”
★★★★★ – The Herald 

Willy’s Bitches

“an impressive piece… Slick musical direction and fine accompaniment”
★★★★★ – The Herald

Under The Ground

“a beautiful portrayal of human experience… outstanding performances paired with perfectly timed musical numbers”
★★★★ – Ed Fest Magazine